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AAAS 2000 Annual Meeting

Behind the Scenes
Tell Us Where To Go - Feb. 18, 2000

Just trying to decide what sessions to attend can be a major headache. Instead of suffering alone, we're letting you help us choose. Here's a list of all the talks happening at the same time on Monday morning -- peruse through them and send us an email with your vote on the most interesting topic. The email address with your vote or questions about the meeting is aaas@exploratorium.edu


  • Kenneth Prewitt, U.S. Census Bureau "The Science and Politics of the U.S. Census"
  • Tim White, UC Berkeley "Early Hominids"
  • The Honorable Madeleine K. Albright, U.S. Secretary of State (Invited)
  • Association for Women in Science (luncheon)
Scientific Sessions
  • Human Impacts on the World's Watersheds
  • Engaging the Public in Science-Related Controversies
  • Open Markets and Food Security
  • Global Change: Uncertainty for Science and Democracy
  • Changing Our Genetic Future through Germline Intervention
  • How Can Scientists Thrive with Paperless Publishing
  • Back to the Future: Restoring Ecosystems Impacted by Fisheries
  • Optics Enters the New Millennium
  • Psychology's Prospects for Improving Physicians' and Patients Medical Decision Making
  • Enviroshock: Systematic Appraisal of America's Health Capability, Productivity, and Crime
  • Symmetry and Hierarchy in Science, Technology, Art, and Humanities
  • Spotlight on Science at State: Where Science Fits in Foreign Policy
  • The Revolution in Cancer Developmental Therapeutics
Tourist Chronicles
  • Skip the sessions and go to the Smithsonian

So tell us where to go ... at aaas@exploratorium.edu.

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