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February 2009 marked Charles Darwin’s 200th birthday and heralded the 150th anniversary of the first publication of On the Origin of Species. The ideas Darwin and his contemporary Alfred Wallace brought to light have fundamentally shaped not only how we perceive the biological world, but how we observe and describe change itself.

Since the publication of On the Origin of Species, the principles of evolutionary biology have become integral to fields as diverse as medicine, agriculture, genetic engineering, and epidemiology. Outside the life sciences, evolutionary concepts have informed economics, cultural studies, urban planning, and even forms of popular culture like video game design. The very idea of evolutionary change over time has become ingrained across the public imagination.

In February 2009, the Exploratorium hosted Darwin Days, a series of presentations, debates, and discussions exploring the ways scientists continue to learn from and apply their knowledge of evolutionary biology to a broad range of pursuits.

You can purchase books and other Darwin-related items in the Exploratorium Darwin Store.

Darwin with a birthday hat
Happy Birthday, C.D.!
FEBRUARY 7, 2009
Cancer: Survival of the
Fittest Cells
A conversation with Dr. Thea Tlsty
FEBRUARY 8, 2009
Darwin Days Book Club: Darwin’s Ghost
FEBRUARY 11, 2009
Who's the Fittest? A Predator-Prey Competition
With Exploratorium scientist Karen Kalumuck
FEBRUARY 11, 2009
SF Debate: The Ethics of Consumer Genotyping
In collaboration with the
Commonwealth Club
FEBRUARY 14, 2009
Explore Amour: Tracing the Origins of Love
With Dr. Thomas Lewis


These Darwin Days events are part of a San Francisco citywide celebration of the Darwin anniversary.evolve2009


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