Many people made important contributions to Geometry Playground, including staff and volunteers at the Exploratorium and others outside the institution. We would like to specifically acknowledge the following:

Core Team
Tom Rockwell, Principal Investigator
Joshua Gutwill, Principal Investigator
Alyson Abriel
Kevin Boyd
Olimpia Cerda
Toni Dancu
Eric Dimond
Amisha Gadani
Nina Hido
Richard Johnson
Lori Lambertson
Kristina Larsen
Sebastian Martin
Jennifer Mattson
Peggy Monahan
Johanna Pedersen
Diane Pfeiffer
Anne Richardson
Susan Sandlin
Eric Socolofsky
Paul Stepahin
Mary Elizabeth Yarbrough

Artists in residence
Tauba Auerbach
John Edmark
Stacy Speyer

Edith Ackerman
Maureen Callanan
Douglas Clements
Michael Eisenberg
Peggy Hackney
Teri Hendi
Jacob Gilchrist
Susan Goltsman
Tom Keller
Ron Lancaster
Steve Lauzun
Ricardo Nemirovsky
Karl Schaffer
Michael Serra
Daina Taimina
William Thurston
Jeanne Vergeront
Ginny Auer
Chris Burda
Timothy Criswell
Mark DiRienzo
Glen Einbender
Steve Hale
J. Newlin
Skoshi Wise

Thank you
Hashim Anderson
Cole Ashcraft
Julie Berger
Judith Brand
Anders Cole
Chris Dang
Dia Felix
Jennifer Fragomeni
Lisa Marie Grillos
Wayne Grim
Paul Hayes
Robert Hendrickson
Liz Keim
John Kinstler
Adam Klinger
Amy Loewen
Jesse Marsh
Hugh McDonald
Bill Meyer
Dale Pittman
Miles Reed
David Robb
Lowell Robinson
Eric Rosa
Aya Sakaguchi
Pete Sheidl
Amy Snyder
Jordan Stein
Maggie Taylor
Paul Troutman
Jenny Tsai
Pam Winfrey

Geometry Playground is made possible by the National Science Foundation and the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation.

Any opinions, findings, conclusions, or recommendations expressed in this material are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect the views of the National Science Foundation.

National Science Foundation Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation


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