In this area, visitors find out how HIV, the virus that causes AIDS, is spread. It also describes how to take precautions against HIV and AIDS. The section includes personal stories of people with HIV and AIDS, discusses risk and risky behaviors, answers frequently asked questions about transmission, and, in the section marked "PG-10," introduces information about using condoms and cleaning drug-injection equipment.

Exhibits & Demonstrations

HIV Roulette
Understand the risk factors of different behaviors through this computer simulation of interactions with different people.

Dr. Peter CD-ROM
Explore the video diary of a Canadian doctor with AIDS who documents his life and illness from both personal and medical perspectives.

Epidemiology Stories
Stories and photos documenting the different ways AIDS affects people throughout the world.

Condom Testing Demonstration
See how the FDA tests condoms using the water-burst method.

Hot Lines
Dial either the National AIDS Hotline or the SF AIDS Foundation Trilingual Hotline from the exhibition area.

Understanding AIDS
An interactive computer program focused on HIV, the immune system, and prevention.