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High-Latitude Monitoring Station, Auroral Radar in Real Time

High-Latitude Monitoring Station, Auroral Radar in Real Time
HLMS (Anchorage, Alaska) Real-Time Plots - Updated automatically with incoming data from the HLMS Auroral Radar. More details at HLMS Real-Time Plots from Poker Flat Research Range home page.
Poker Flat All-Sky Camera Real-Time Images Visible Imaging System (VIS)
Poker Flat All-Sky Camera Real-Time Images. Images are updated automatically when the all-sky camera is in operation. Live images from Alaska. Go to real time images from the Poker Flat Research Range page for more details.
Visible Imaging System (VIS) - Image acquired with the Earth Camera, one of three cameras in the Visible Imaging System (VIS). More at Visible Imaging System Current Image page .

 Auroras in the News

Alaska Currents Magazine
Solar Max and the Northern Lights

BBC News
Sky Watchers Marvel at Light Show  (4/7/00)
And Here's Today's Space Weather Forecast (2/18/00),
Here Comes the Sun

Auroras Mystically Paint the Heavens (2/02/00)

NASA: Space Science News - Brushfires in the Sky  (4/25/00),
Geomagnetic Storm  (4/7/00)

Solar Maximum
Solar Max 2000: News
Scientist Say Earthly - Not Solar - Particles Create Auroras (6/01/00) , NASA's IMAGE Telescope Shows Magnetopause Glow Around Earth (6/01/00) , First Daylight Image of Aurora Caps 20-Year Quest (2/02/00)

USA Today
Understanding Auroras (2/10/00)
Solar Maximum Will Ignite Auroras (6/24/99)

 Aurora Forecasts & Data

- Alaska Currents Magazine
- Geophysical Institute Aurora Forecast
- Current Geomagnetic Conditions
- NOAA POES Auroral Activity
- Geomagnetic Data from the Auroral Observatory
- Rocket to the Aurora
- RealTime Estimation of Auroral Oval
- Tiger Radar (Aurora Australis)

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 Background on Auroras
 •  What are auroras ( Self-Guided Tour )
 •  What makes auroras happen? , Why are they different colors? , Where can you see them? , How are auroras being studied?, What Can Auoras Teach Us? , - Gregory T. Delory Ph.D. from SSL at UCB . (RealAudio)
 •  Auroras FAQ - From Poker Flat Reseach Center
 •  What is the aurora? - From
 •  Sun-Earth Connection Tutorial - From NASA

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