The Sweet Science of Chocolate
Live! Video Webcast

Valenties Day 1999 2PM Pacific
Archive Now Available!
View the archive of our entire show! Host Sedge Thomson talks with chocolatiers, chefs, and scientsts about the history and science of this intoxicating food. This Webcast was presented in audio and video.

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Interactive Feature
Interactive Feature

Explore the Science and History of Chocolate
- Visit the Amazon rain forest and see cacao--the source of chocolate growing on the tree.
- Learn about the early history of chocolate, its importance to early American cultures, and how it spread to Europe.
- Take a video tour of Scharffen Berger Chocolate Makers factory.
- Listen to scientists explain the chemical properties of chocolate. Learn why it may be good for you, and why it makes us feel so good.
- Learn how to temper chocolate perfectly!

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