More about Eclipses / Eclipse Photography

NASA Eclipse Home Page
Includes detailed technical information on eclipses past and future.

Mr. Eclipse
An excellent resource for eclipse information, including primers for novices and plenty of eclipse photography.

Eclipse-Chaser/Bob Yen's WAY OUT Photography
An extensive photo archive of solar eclipses.

Eclipse Chaser
A substantial solar eclipse Web site, including guides to planning a successful eclipse expedition, eclipse photography tips, an “Eclipse Chaser's Journal,” and a photo gallery.

Total Eclipses of the Sun.
Reminisences of many eclipses, with lots of additional information and links.


Eclipse Myths, Legends, and Cultural Perspectives

Related Exploratorium Web Resources
The Sun-Eating Dragon : Eclipse Stories, Myths, and Legends

Eclipse in a Different Light
Eclipse stories from Mongolia, Turkey, West Africa, and Egypt are told by a professional storyteller in a series of videos. Transcripts of the videos are also provided.

The Eclipse in History
This article from the European Space Agency briefly discusses eclipse legends as well as historical events.

Eclipse Resources for Educators

Related Exploratorium Web Resources

The Observatory - A guide to astronomy-based resources on the Exploratorium's site.

How to View an Eclipse - Safe methods for viewing eclipses, presented with step-by-step instructions.

What to See During An Eclipse - Some sights you won't want to miss.

Stanford Solar Center Eclipse Site
An excellent educational resource with classroom activities. Covers general eclipse topics.
A special eclipse site which may be of particular interest to pupils and teachers.

From Core to Corona: Layers of the Sun and The Solar Wind
A pair of sites with lots of intriguing pictures and diagrams explaining fusion and the energy processes in, and relating to, the sun. Great for middle- to high-school kids, or the most eager elementary students.

Stanford Solar Center
This site presents a collection of fun educational activities based on Solar Oscillations Investigation (SOI)and Solar and Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO) data.

Astronomy in Motion: The Sun
A brief story of the sun as a star, plus fun solar activities; best for elementary school use.


More about the Sun / Solar Physics

Tracking a Solar Storm
How do we know when the next solar storm will affect Earth? Learn the answer to this question and more.

SOHO: The Solar and Heliospheric Observatory
This site for the spacecraft observatory SOHO features live data, mission information, a photo gallery, and classroom resources. One of the instruments aboard SOHO is the LASCO, which blocks the light from the solar disk—creating an artificial eclipse—in order to see the sun’s corona.

Space Weather Prediction Center
This site provides real-time monitoring and forecasting of solar and geophysical events, including current space weather, solar images, and auroral activity.

Helioseismology Tours
Pages from the Stanford SOLAR Center pointing to educational resources relating to helioseismology.

Solar Data Analysis Center
Massive resource from the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center. Includes current solar images and latest events.


The Sun-Earth System

Related Exploratorium Web Resources

Sunspots - The nature of sunspots and the history of our efforts to understand them.

Solar Terrestrial Activity Report
Check this site for daily developments in the solar and geomagnetic fields, the solar wind, and the solar sunspot cycle.

Space Weather Today
The site contains links to "real-time" information on space weather
conditions surrounded by explanatory material, basic information on the
sun-earth system, and information on space weather impacts on earth
and earth systems.



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