Diving Into the Gene Pool


Welcome to the Exploratorium's Ethical Scenarios Forum.


The Exploratorium's Ethical Scenarios Forum (ETHEX) was an Internet listserv developed for the Exploratorium exhibition "Diving Into the Gene Pool" beginning in April, 1995. With the cooperation of members of the International Bioethics Institute, Exploratorium staff, visitors, and remote users discussed topics around the ethical, legal, and social implications of the Human Genome Project and other genetics topics.

ETHEX was designed to offer an opportunity for members of the general public to converse openly with each other and with professionals in the fields of ethics, genetics, law, theology, sociology, medicine, etc. Concerns of public policy and private decision-making in that time of dramatic unfolding of scientific discovery and biotechnology was the focus of these discussions. The list was moderated by Exploratorium staff and members of the International Bioethics Institute. The Media and the Library and Information Resources Departments of the Exploratorium provided technical support for the list. Ori Neidich ( orin@exploratorium.edu ) was the primary support person.

Messages sent to ETHEX were reviewed by the Exploratorium list moderators, who distributed messages on appropriate topics to list participants. The ETHEX moderators reserved the right to reject any posting judged to be inappropriate for ETHEX. The ETHEX moderators also reserved the right to edit the submissions for length

The Exploratorium provided ETHEX as a public service. It did not verify the accuracy of submitted messages nor did it endorse the opinions expressed by message authors. Authors of ETHEX messages were solely responsible for the content of their messages.

Scenario Archive

Here you will find the scenarios along with the archive of comments submitted to the ETHEX listserv. At the end of each scenario archive you will have the opportunity to submit your own comments and opinions to be added to the others.

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