Playground resources

Find a playground in your neighborhood, complete with reviews and photos. You can also upload photos of your own.

Golden Gate Mothers Group
Playgrounds in San Francisco

Geometry activities

Exploratorium Science Snacks about math

National Math Trails
Discover math in the world around you.

Geometry artists

John Edmark
Tauba Auerbach
Stacy Speyer
Chris K. Palmer
Bathsheba Grossman
George W. Hart
Daina Taimina
Charles O. Perry
Harriet Brisson
Bjarne Jesperson
Brent Collins
Helaman Ferguson
Nat Friedman
Rinus Roelofs
Robert Longhurst
Elias Wakan
Larry Frazier
Carlo H. Séquin
Keizo Ushio
Vladimir Bulatov
      Polyhedra collection
Malcolm Tibbetts
Scott Snibbe
Hoberman Transformable Design

General geometry

Wolfram MathWorld

Voronoi Toy
This open-source program lets users play with adding points to a Voronoi diagram.

Geometry Games
A number of downloadable games that let you explore topology, polygons, tilings, and more.

Geometry Playground
This is a free ruler and compass application for multiple geometries. (Not related to the exhibition.)

Tom Beddard writes programs—some interactive, some downloadable—that make beautiful geometric designs.

Interactive geometry software. The current version is not free, but the older version is. Visit the “Download” page to find it.

Free 3D modeling software from Google.
Then go here for polyhedron models to use in SketchUp.

Geometry crafts

Woolly Thoughts
Mathematics through knitting and crochet

Temari Math

Online exhibitions

Hyperbolic Space online exhibition at The Institute For Figuring

Geometry of Plants Flickr Group

Exploratorium Geometry Flickr Group

Other geometry exhibitions

Secrets of Circles
Children’s Discovery Museum of San Jose

Pattern Wizardry
Brooklyn Children’s Museum

Math Midway
A traveling exhibition built as the first exhibition of the Museum of Mathematics , a new museum looking for a home in Manhattan.

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