Making as a context for imagination, play, creativity, and learning

Our Conversation about Making and Imagination will focus on three aspects of making :

1. How does learning shape — and get shaped by — creativity, imagination, tinkering, and making?

2. What networks are needed to support making and creativity?

3. How do direct experiences with phenomena, tools, and materials (and other people) impact creativity, imagination, learning, and understanding?

The goal for the conversation is to address the following questions:

• In what ways is making a particularly rich context for learning? (Taking into consideration places, spaces, platforms, programs, networks, and tools.)

• How do we know this, and how can we show it?

Artwork by Paul Nosa; drawn with a sewing machine. Zoom in and pan to explore it.

Conversation Participants

(Please click on names for biographies)

Edith Ackermann

Dr. Dennis M. Bartels

Bronwyn Bevan

Professor Hubert M. Dyasi

Lynn Rankin

Mitchel Resnick

Tom Rockwell

Rob Semper

Mike Petrich

Mike Eisenberg

Keith Braafladt

Dale Dougherty

Bernie Zubrowski

Mark Allen

Peter Dow

Eleanor Duckworth

Janet Pinto

Catherine Krupnick

Artist-in-Residence Bernie Lubell

Artist-in-Residence Paul Nosa

Artist-in-Residence Scott Weaver

Karen Wilkinson

Mildred Howard

Mark St. John

Gever Tulley

Dennie Palmer Wolf

Fan Kong

Héctor Manuel Fernandez Piña

Natalie Rusk

Paul Tatter

Leslie Rupert Herrenkohl, Ph.D.

Luigi Anzivino

Dr. Rebecca Dyasi

Jane Werner

Walter Kitundu

This conversation is sponsored by the Exploratorium's Center for Informal Learning and Schools.
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