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photo by Jan Curtis

The Aurora Page  at Michigan Technical University, features photographs by Jan Curtis. Beautiful aurora photographs.

Rice U. Space Weather thumbnail

"Space Weather"   at Rice University

A collection of aurora photos and information.  See a QuickTime Movie illustrating the magnetosphere.

Link to Space Space Weather at NASA. Get the latest on solar events and their effects on Earth. Subscribe for email updates.

U. Alaska auroras site thumbnail

The University of Alaska's Geophysical Institute's aurora page , including auroral forecasts.

X-ray aurora image

Ultraviolet Images of the Earth's Aurora  

A First from NASA's Polar Satellite!

thumbnail for Jan Curtis photo site Jan Curtis's Aurora's Northern Lights

A huge gallery of great photos and a good starting point.

FAST: The Fast Auroral SnapshoT mission education and public outreach site has more lessons.

Earth's Magnetosphere thumbnail

Exploration of the Earth's Magnetosphere 

A complete primer: includes a variety of images and thorough explanations.

Photographing the aurora thumbnail

Shooting the Aurora Borealis

See fantastic pictures of auroras and get expert tips on how to photograph them.

Jupiter aurora thumbnail

Hubble Images of Jupiter's aurora

 See the photos, read the press release.

Astro. pic of the day thumbnail

"Astronomy Picture of the Day" on November 14, 1995.  

This site has an interesting variety of images with explanations by scientists.

Yohkoh x-ray thumbnail

Yohkoh Solar X-ray Telescope

See great x-ray solar images. Also provides links to other solar sites.


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