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Issue No. 17 "Genetics"

 Last Updated: March 15, 1997


Learn about a few of the mutations that occur in natural fruit fly populations. .

  Story by Pearl Tesler
Until recently, the idea of cloning human beings was strictly the stuff of science fiction. But all that changed with the announcement that British researchers have produced a clone of an adult sheep, better known as Dolly. The first mammal ever to be cloned from an adult, Dolly has DNA that is identical to her only "parent," a 6-year old ewe.

Dolly's unconventional conception was the result of a delicate procedure involving three separate sheep. First, scientists removed cells from the udder of the "donor" ewe, the sheep to be cloned.

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February 1997 Issue

About this Issue:
It seems there are stories on cloning everywhere (including here!). The ethical questions that cloning raises certainly warrant the amount of attention they are receiving. The purpose of this issue was not only to inform (and add to the many cloning stories out there) but provide a forum for our readers to discuss these important issues and to make their opinions known. We look forward to reading your contributions to this discussion.

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