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  Volume 2: Issue 3                             Last Updated: Nov 15.1996

Whirling in the Wind: From Windmills to Whirligigs
By Natalie Rusk and John Coy
Vollis Simpson loves creating contraptions that whirl in the wind. His yard in Lucama, North Carolina, is filled with spinning ducks, horses, airplanes, guitar players, and shapes of all sizes made from discarded highway signs, bicycle wheels, scrap metal, pie pans, malt cups, and ice cream scoops that jang, cling, blong, and creak.

The fourth-grade students in Ms.Thimmesch's class at the Museum Magnet School in St. Paul, Minnesota, make wind-powered machines. They create whirligigs using shoeboxes, cardboard, wire, and plastic plates. When the students saw pictures of Vollis Simpson's yard, they had lots of questions.

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About this month's issue
From now on you'll notice a pointer from "What's New" to the Science Learning Network (SLN). The SLN is collaboration between six science museums from across the country. We encourage you to stop by and check out www.sln.org

In the spirit of collaboration, this month's news has a special article written by Natalie Rusk and John Coy, with a link to a fantastic web site created by Mike Petrich and Karen Wilkinson of the Science Museum of Minnesota. We hope you enjoy your visit with Vollis Simpson and your visit to "What's New in the World." See you December 15th with a new issue.

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