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Issue No. 21 "Astronomy"

2nd Aniversary Issue!

October 29, 1997

  Project SERENDIP: Searching For Life in the Cosmos'
Hubble Deep Field Image
Are we alone? A portion of the Hubble Deep Field showing distant galaxies.

 Story by Ron Hipschman
"Contact," "Star Trek," "Babylon 5," "Star Wars," "Alien," and the rest of the lot have one thing in common. They all deal with alien civilizations and their relationships to humans. Some of these futuristic fictions portray alien life as friendly, some as hostile. Most of the aliens are curiously "humanoid." Many of us dream of one day meeting up with a (friendly) alien race. Much could be learned and discovered about each other. What are we doing right now to make this happen?

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Two cool interactive exhibits!

Build a Solar System
Build a Solar System - Find out what space is really like with this scale model.


Your Weight on Other Worlds
Your Weight on Other Worlds -A cool exhibit for the weight conscious.

Interview with Dan Werthimer of SERENDIP
RealMedia Interview

"SERENDIP: Searching For Life"



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September 1997 Issue

About This Issue:
Are we alone? This month's issue focuses on the search for intelligent life in the universe. The Exploratorium's Ron Hipschman interviews Dan Werthimer, the Principle Investigator of the SERENDIP project, and explains the history and methodology behind the search for intelligent civilizations. This issue takes you from research labs in California to the Arecibo Radio Telescope in Puerto Rico. We hope you enjoy the journey in this our 2nd anniversary issue!


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