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Below are a few other sites to find more science news. As we continue to publish "What's New in the World of Science", check back here for new additions. This page was last updated October 7th 1996.

The Why Files: Science Behind the News
-This site is a lot of fun. The stories are well written and the pages are well designed. New stories are posted every two weeks.

New Scientist: Planet Science
-Stories from the magazine along with other information make this site well worth the visit. "This Week" follows the current events in science. Registration is required, but it is rather painless and benefits of joining make it worth it.

SCIENCE Magazine On-Line
-Search or browse current or back issues in this well designed web site. The back issues go back to June 1995. This magazine is published weekly.

This site contains research news from a variety of American Universities. The articles are very interesting and many do not appear in the mainstream news. The site contains a very small archive (as of April 10, 1996), but hopefully it will expand as more of these interesting articles appear.

The Armchair Scientist
This site describes itself as..."A personal (and arbitrary...) selection among the tons of scientific material available on the net, choosing the most interesting subjects, the most amazing news, the most useful resources..." The site also presents it's stories clearly uses images and graphics thoughtfully.

ION Science: Science and nature news and information
This site mentions it is update monthly (at the beginning of each month), ION Science provides well written articles on a variety of science subjects.

NPR's Talk of the Nation: Science Friday
The hour-long national public radio broadcast is posted weekly. To listen in you'll need the RealAudio player. To check-out past Science Friday broadcasts, you'll need an account, however the accounts are free.

ScienceDaily Magazine
A daily source of science news on the web. The site is well organized and the articles are well written.

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