Below are some examples of graphs created from images of ozone concentrations measured from 1993 until February of 1995 at the Neumayer Antarctic Station. The images this data was derived from can be found at .
You can have your students make similar graphs using the data found at this site. Neumayer continues (as of 1/30/96) to provide data on ozone concentrations.

Ozone Pressure vs. Time 1992: Neumayer Station

Ozone Pressure vs. Altitude 1992: Neumayer Station

Since this resource was first posted there have been some new developments at the Neumayer site (created from NOAA images by the Bremerhaven, Germany Neumayer Laboratory). There are now a series of 'movies' of Southern Hemisphere ozone concentrations one day at a time from August through November, 1995. There is very rich graphing materials in this sequence. These movies are in MPEG format, Macintosh computers must have the helper application "sparkle" or its equivalent to view them. Check out the Neumayer site and be prepared to have your mind boggled!

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