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Pi Day
March 14th

For eight years,
we have been
celebrating Pi Day
at the Exploratorium.

Our festivities begin at 1:59 PST

That's 3.14159
for those of you playing at home.

March 14th
is also Albert Einstein's

That's reason enough to celebrate
If you can't come by
the museum,
then please celebrate
Pi Day
in your own way.

Each year,
people bring pies
to the Exploratorium.
One year someone
brought an apple pie
with the Pi symbol on it
we took a picture of the pie
then we ate the pie.

Pi Beads
We add to the
Pi beads every Pi Day.
We have taken Pi to the
1,600th decimal
using resitor colored beads .
Below is a scan of the beads
to the 100th decimal.

Pi Music
To set the mood
we listen to Pi music.

Pi Music

This Realaudio
Pi music file
was generated
with an apple II gs.

Pi Sites
These are some other
great pi sites
In no order and
and without annotation.

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&copy 1996 The Exploratorium and the Coalition for National Pi Day & Local Union #3.14