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Cold Anti-Hydrogen Atoms
Cold anti-hydrogen atoms have been made, stored, and detected for the first time in an experiment at CERN. (from Physics News Update, September 18, 2002)

Collider to Close for Good
Managers at the Cern laboratory in Switzerland have decided to turn off the Large Electoron Positron collider as planned after 11 years of forefront experiments. The closure will make way for a new collider.

W ho'll find Higgs first?
CERN's Large Electron Positron collider, where physicists have been trying to spot the elusive particle, is closing to make way for the Large Hadron Collider. While CERN's accelerator is quiet, scientists at Fermilab in Illinois will be taking up the chase. The race is on. (The World, Public Radio International, Nov. 2000)

Scientists Think They've Glimpsed the Higgs
If a Higgs boson has left tracks in an accelerator, it opens a 'whole new world' for physicists. (from The Los Angeles Times, Nov. 2000)

A strange quark plasma
Experiments at CERN may have revealed a new type of matter that behaves in a way never observed before. These findings may help explain the disappearance of antiquarks in the universe. (from PhysicsWeb, Oct. 2000)

One Step Closer to the God Particle
CERN planned to close its Large Electron Positron collider at the end of September, but postponed the closure by a month because of a possible sighting of the Higgs Boson. (from Scientific American, Sept. 2000)

The Search for QCD Exotics
Particles predicted by the theory of quantum chromodynamics help explain why the fundamental building blocks of matter are impossible to isolate, (from American Scientist, Sept. - Oct. 2000)

Physicists detect elusive tau neutrino, ending two-decade search
Scientists find evidence of the last particle remaining to be identified in the Standard Model. (from, July, 2000)

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