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The Cernettes began when a patient CERN secretary was made to wait and wait and wait for the return of her permanently-on-shift physicist boyfriend. In an attempt to garner his attention, she asked physicist Silvano de Gennaro to write a song about her life, and got a few girlfriends to back her up. Then she stepped onstage in 1992 during CERN's annual Hardronic music festival, and sang "You only love your collider" to the whole CERN population.

The song is now, according to the Cernettes website , "the national anthem of the high energy kingdom."

But the Cernettes' real claim to fame is being the first band on the Web. In 1992, Tim Berners-Lee asked Silvano for photos of "the CERN girls" to publish on a new information network he'd invented. The image you see below is the first photo ever featured in a Web browser.

Music abounds at CERN. There is an active MusiClub for rock, jazz, and classical musicians. Every summer, the CERN MusiClub holds the Hardronic festival, where CERN musicians perform for the students in the Summer Internship Program.

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Les Horribles Cernettes - First Band on the Web!
photo: CERN

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