We’ve Moved! Visit Us at Pier 15: Grand Opening April 17, 2013
A New Beginning
More than 40 years ago, Frank Oppenheimer started a movement that transformed education: He founded the Exploratorium, the prototype for more than 1,000 hands-on, participatory institutions that exist around the world today. Our upcoming move—from the beautiful Palace of Fine Arts to San Francisco’s historic waterfront—will multiply our impact and significantly extend and expand the audiences we’re reaching. Read more
In 2013, the Exploratorium is moving from the Palace of Fine Arts to Pier 15, on San Francisco’s historic Embarcadero. Located on the waterfront, just a 10-minute walk from the landmark Ferry Building, the new nine-acre campus will be easily accessible by visitors coming from every part of the Bay Area—and beyond.
We’ve been documenting the construction of our new campus since work began in 2010. See videos and slideshows here, and get a peek at how we’re pushing the envelope of green technology. Follow our progress
Work at the construction site is dirty and demanding, but the men and women working under, over, and around the piers bring an amazing array of skills, expertise, and knowledge to the project.
Since its foundings, the Exploratorium has been dedicated to pulling back the curtain on how things work, including our own exhibit development.
Beneath the 100-year-old piers that will soon house the new Exploratorium, highly specialized divers are working around the clock to repair and restore a part of the museum that most people will never see: the 1,200 concrete piles—sunk into the bay mud—that support the piers.
Our future depends on an unwavering commitment to making thought leaders of all of us. This is what the new Exploratorium seeks to give us, and there is no institution on the planet better suited to deliver it!”
William K. Bowes, Jr.
Founding Partner
U.S. Venture Partners