Reconsidered Materials

Reconsidered Materials is supported in part by a grant from Grants for the Arts/San Francisco Hotel Tax Fund and the Phyllis C. Wattis Foundation.

Installation Artists
Ellen Babcock
Flash in Tonyland (an artists' collective featuring Anthony Campanale, Flash Hopkins, Dana Albany, Tom Kennedy and Phil Mitchell.)
Finley Fryer
Jim Haynes
Andrew Junge
Jonathon Keats
Ulrike Palmbach
Claudia Tennyson
Dorothy Trojanowski
Mary Elizabeth Yarbrough

Opening Night Artists
Mauricio Ancalmo
Ulrika Andersson
John “B” Berzins
DJ Bryan Butler aka B-Love
Elizabeth Hickok

Walter Kitundu
Nicole Minor
Ricardo Rivera
Paul Stepahin
Wet Gate

On Friday, February 3, from 7 to 9 p.m., join us to celebrate the unveiling of Reconsidered Materials . This Opening Night event features one-night-only installations, performances, and a live DJ. Co-sponsored by Campari. General admission.

Tickets: $13 Adults, $10 Students | Seniors | Youth, $8 Children (ages 4 - 12).

Free for Exploratorium Members and Children 3 and under.


Reconsidered Materials
Although Suitcases May Seem As Though They’re Made of Stone, They Seldom Are

February 3–June 18, 2006
Exploratorium overhead space and skylight area

Special Opening Event
February 3, 2006 7-9 p.m.

Our experiences of objects depend heavily on our understanding and expectations of the materials from which they’re made. Physical reality, and our own psychological relationship to tools and materials, shape the ways we make, use, and think about the things in our lives. Our ways of using the basic building blocks of creation define our understanding of the world itself. We even stratify time by naming historical periods after revolutionary materials, such as the Stone, Iron, and Bronze Ages.

Our relationships to objects and their materials often go without thought, but this installation and opening event feature artists who draw attention to those interactions by creating works from unusual or unexpected materials. These artworks comment on both the objects themselves and on our subtler and more abstract relationships with the substances of which they’re composed.

San Francisco in Jell-O
Elizabeth Hickok
Opening night installation
Styrofoam Hummer: American Detritus
Andrew Junge
Finley Fryer
Ulrike Palmbach
image courtesy of Steven Wirtz Gallery
Nicole Minor
Opening night installation
Two Three Six
Walter Kitundu and Ricardo Rivera
Opening night installation
Remote Sensing
Opening night performance


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