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W elcome to my little corner of the virtual world. Though I spend most of my time on the Exploratorium's web site, I've posted a few things here that I've worked on or have written in the past that you might find interesting.

S everal summers ago (actually way back in 1995!) I took a vacation with a friend of mine, Benjamin, who is a pilot. We flew from San Francisco to the national parks in Utah and Arizona. We decided to share that trip with our friends on the web. During the day, we hiked and took all our photographs (on 35mm film and with an Apple QuickTake digital camera). In the evening, we processed the digital pictures and wrote the HTML and then modemed the resulting pages back to this server. Our friends and relatives got to follow us on our vacation day by day. Instant digital postcards! This was actually quite revolutionaly back in the early days of he web! Seems rather commonplace nowadays.

Build a Solar System
Find out what space is really like with this scale model!

Your Weight On Other Worlds
A cool exhibit for the weight conscious.

Your Age On Other Worlds
A cool exhibit for the chronologically challenged.

A look at Nature's most delicate and beautiful structures.

The Secret Language
A beginner's look at cryptography and secret writing.

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