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"That's The Way the Ball Bounces" by Paul Doherty. Photographs by: Harold "Doc" Edgerton.

"Remarkable Feet" by Paul Weiss, Illustrations by David Barker

The Science
of Hockey
Written and designed, by: Jim Spadaccini
Senior Scientist,Thomas Humphrey
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  Sharks Logo

The Science of Hockey was made possible with the support of the San Jose Sharks .

The Following individuals made contributions to the Science of Hockey.

Executive Vice President, Development...Matt Levine

Director of Media Relations...Ken Arnold
Strength and Conditioning Coach... Steve Millard
Hockey Equipment Manager...Mike Aldrich
Team Physician...Arthur J. Ting, M.D.
Building Services Manager...Bruce Tharaldson.

The Players:

Jeff Friesen #39
Doug Bodger #3
Kelly Hrudey #32
Todd Ewen #36
Wade Flaherty #31
Tony Granato #21
Shean Donovan #42

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The Science of
See the Baseball credits page

The Science of Cycling:

Written and Designed by: Jim Spadaccini
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"Turning Point" activity Ron Hipschman
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