Aeolian Landscape

by Ne d Kahn

Aeolian Landscape presents a swirling storm of sand inside a large chamber covered by plexiglass top. A knob on the top of the exhibit rotates a sturdy fan set in the base of the chamber. As you turn the fan, the sand inside begins to swirl and accumlate in patterns suggestive of a desert landscape as if seen from high above.


Dimensions: Ø48 " x 9' 7" Weight: 250 lbs.


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Artist's Comments: The confluence of science and art has fascinated me throughout my career. For the last fifteen years, I have developed a body of work inspired by atmospheric physics, geology, astronomy, and fluid motion. I strive to create artworks that enable viewers to observe and interact with natural processes. I am less interested in creating an alternative reality than I am in capturing, through my art, the mysteriousness of the world around us.

My artworks frequently incorporate flowing water, fog, sand, 
and light to create complex and continually changing systems. 
Many of these works can be seen as "observatories" in that they 
frame and enhance our perception of natural phenomena. I am 
intrigued with the way patterns can emerge when things flow. 
These patterns are not static objects, they are patterns of 
behavior-recurring themes in the repertoire of nature.