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An Evening of Wine, Food, and Talk Grapes
Thursday, November 18, 1999
Online Webcast 7-8pm PST ; Onsite Event 6-9 pm PST Grapes
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This will be no ordinary wine tasting! We'll have activities to explore the basic components of wine, including acid, sugar, and tannin. Winemakers and chefs will help you discover which wines go with which foods, and why. Ann Noble from U.C. Davis will explain how she trains wine judges with essence tastings and aromas, and she'll give tips on how to become your own expert.

Through video footage and interactive media, we'll travel to Lynmar Winery and learn about the wine-making process from vineyard to glass with winemaker Daniel Moore. Jancis Robinson, world-renowned wine critic and author, will explain in a video interview why wine holds such a special place in our lives.

Special dishes prepared by Chef Arnold Eric Wong, EOS restaurant

Ticket prices: $25 General Admission • $15 Exploratorium Members
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Host: Bruce Cass
Wine educator, author, and editor of The Oxford Companion to North American Wines

Guests: Ann Noble
Professor of Enology, U.C. Davis, and developer of the Wine Aroma Wheel

Debbie Zachareas
    Wine director, EOS and Bacar Restaurants, San Francisco

Lynmar Winery , Bonny Doon Vineyards , Hogue Cellars , Wild Horse , St. Supéry , Gloria Ferrer

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