A Communication and

Skill building Activity

by Eric Muller

Your assignment:

A vehicle must be designed and built to carry a load across a 40 centimeter wide chasm (Two tables separated 40 centimeters). A bridge must be designed and built to support the vehicle. Both the design and building of the vehicle and bridge must be done as a team effort (4 people per team). However, the bridge builders (2 people) and the vehicle makers (2 people) will be in separate groups and in separate locations. These two pairs will not meet until it is time to make the final crossing. All communication between these two groups must be conducted on the web, in a web chatroom or through e-mail.

You may solve this problem any way you can as long as you follow the rules below. Grades and winners will be determined by design, originality, and weight ratio. The weight ratio will be determined by the weight of the load carried across the bridge / weight of the bridge + weight of the vehicle. This means, you want to construct the lightest vehicle and bridge possible that can carry a heavy load.

Here are the rules:



Load to be carried by the vehicle: film canisters filled with sand.

The tables that will be used will be at least 1meter wide by 2 meters long. The table tops will be 3 to 4 centimeters thick.

Both groups are limited to and will have access to the following materials:

Good luck!