In this section, explore ways in which people have responded to the AIDS pandemic through medical and social research, public health education campaigns, community action, and artistic expression. Visitors learn about the character of AIDS in other parts of the world, efforts to develop treatments and a cure, and caring for people with AIDS, and are invited to create their own responses.

The NAMES Project AIDS Memorial Quilt
Nine panels of the NAMES Project Quilt define the exhibition space.

Gallery of Honor
More than fifty local AIDS service organizations have honored individuals for their outstanding contributions in the field.

Prayer Flag Activity
Create your own remembrance and add it to the exhibition with this collage activity.

Resource Area
Take home educational materials or do research here in our binders full of flyers or using an Internet AIDS "hotlist."

A special sanctuary designed for reflection and response designed by Seattle-based sound-installation artist Trimpin.

Video artist Wendy Clarke invites visitors to make a videotape of themselves talking about their experiences and feelings about AIDS.

Video Viewing Area
Compilations of short video selections, many made by youth, will be shown throughout each day.