Dispatches Scenes from AAAS Science After Hours

In these archived webcasts from inside the AAAS exhibition hall, watch as Exploratorium senior scientist Tom Humphrey challenges some of the top scientists in the world to explain the phenomena behind selected exhibits from the museum floor.

Click on the links below to view the webcasts. You will need to have the free RealPlayer installed on your computer to view them. See our webcast help page for help viewing the webcasts.

Friday 2.16.01 Saturday 2.17.01 Sunday 2.18.01

"The String Squirter"
explained by a guest physicist/science writer Sidnery Perkowitz, from Emory University
(5 PM, PST)

"Benham's Disk"
explained by guests from the Mathematical Sciences Research Institute in Berkeley and University High School in San Francisco
(5 PM, PST)

"Benham's Disk" Science Snack

"The String Squirter"
as explained by physicist and Nobel laureate Leon Lederman
(1 PM, PST)

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