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Traditions of the Sun
This amazing web site was built as a companion to our web site. The interface allows you to zoom in from aerial photos to ground views and QuickTime VR's of the great houses.

NASA's "Ancient Observatories, Timeless Knowledge
Information about ancient observatories around the world, a timeline, cultural connections, hands-on activities, events in your area, and more!

Chaco Cultural Historic Park
A great site by the National Park Service with more information about the canyon, Chacoan culture, visiting the park, and educational programs.

The Solstice Project
Founded by Anna Sofaer, the "discoverer" of the Sun Dagger, the Solstice Project has been researching the alignments at Chaco Canyon for more than twenty-five years.

NASA's Archeological Remote Sensing
Chacoan roadways imaged by TIMS (Thermal Infrared Multispectral Scanner)

Pueblo Cultural Center
Information about the Pueblo tribes of New Mexico

National Geographic on the Winter Solstice
Discusses how the solstice has been a cause for celebration since ancient times

Sunspots and the Importance of the Sun to Ancient Cultures

SOHO -- Solar and Heliospheric Observatory
See incredible images of the sun from this orbiting telescope

TRACE -- Transition Region and Coronal Explorer
Another great satellite that takes amazing images of the sun

View from a Kite
Charles C. Benton, an artist in Berkeley, California, has taken great pictures of Chaco Canyon from a kite-cam.

The Sun in Time
Check out the slideshow including the Aztec calendar, Machu Picchu, and Stonehenge.

Atlas of World Archeoastronomy from Pomona University
Interactive atlas of world astronomy

Solar Folklore
Most cultures have recognized the significance of the sun as prime controller of all life on earth; read myths, legends, and tales about the sun.

Bullfrog Films
Order a copy of Sun Dagger or The Mystery of Chaco Canyon

Winter Solstice Marker at Wijiji 931
Artist Janet Saad-Cook has pictures and a report about the winter solstice alignment at Wijiji 931.