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Written by: Jim Spadaccini , with assistance from Noel Wanner
Writing and Scientific assistance: Brian Bernard
Scientific assistance: Paul Doherty
"Turning Point" activity Ron Hipschman
Editorial Support: Ellen Klages
Timeline & other Assitance: Steven Oldder

Graphic Design & Science of Cycling logo: Jim Spadaccini
Animations: David Barker
Layout and HTML: Jim Spadaccini
Javascripts: Ron Hipschman

Video Production: Noel Wanner and Jim Spadaccini
Action Footage Provided by: Logan Kelsey and Vertical Productions
Music provided by: Bicycle
Video Digitizing, Editing & Encoding: Jim Spadaccini
Libor Karas video footage provided by: Libor Karas & Cannondale Bicycles

Photographs Provided by:
Libor Karas
Cannondale Bicycles
Pearl Izumi /John Kelly Photography
Bicycle Institute of America
Library of Congress

Nederlandse vertaling:
Louise Bos
Diana Gibbels
Monique Giesen
Jean Koolen
Philip van Schaik
Vincent Schutte
Marije Visser
Jack Woestenberg

RealVideo voiceover:
Louise Bos
Hans Grotenhuis

Andrea Bandelli

Specials Thanks to:
Tim Tumbleson and Powerbar


Real Audio and Video Services Provided by:

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