Faultline: Seismic science at the Epicenter
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Great San Francisco earthquakes
Earthquake basics
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The 1906 San francisco Quake


Cookie Subduction
Get a taste of how the earth's plates move.



Hiway Seismograph Highway Seismograph
How good is your friend's driving? You be the seismometer, and find out whether your pal is a smooth sailor or a mover and shaker.


slinky Seismic Slinky
What goes on under the ground during an earthquake? Make a Slinky wiggle and warp, and you can model the invisible forces that make the earth tremble.

liquefaction Liquefaction
Under some conditions, the earth can behave like a liquid when an earthquake hits. With a baking pan full of sand, some water, and a brick, you can see this for yourself.


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