Diving Into the Gene Pool

Diving Into the Gene Pool , a major, multifaceted exhibition developed by the Exploratorium, exploring genetics and the Human Genome Project from a variety of perspectives from April 8 to September 4, 1995.

The Diving Into the Gene Pool exhibition covers five broad areas:

  • DNA: Your Genetic Blueprint

    DNA is the carrier of genetic information in every cell of a living organizsm. In this section, investigate the twists and turns of the DNA molecule, where all the information needed to build and operate a living organism is stored.

  • Learning From Our Relatives

    What do fruit flies and firefighters have in common? A few amino acids in endless interlocking variations have resulted in the amazing diversity of life. Explore the genetic kinships that link humans to all animals and plants.

  • Tools for Decoding DNA

    Play with the tools and technology that help geneticists unlock and use the secrets contained in DNA. Because there are hundreds of thousands of genes, high-tech solutions help genetic researchers speed the isolation and identification of these information-packed DNA fragments.

  • Sex & Inheritance

    Explore aspects of sex and inheritance and learn how traits are passed from one generation to another. Everybody is a unique combination of genetic bits and pieces inherited from their parents.

  • Points of View

    From DNA fingerprinting in the courtroom to prenatal screening for genetic diseases, find out where others stand on the issues and add your own viewpoint to the ongoing dialogue.

Special events and programs

Developed in conjunction with the exhibition, these events provide rare opportunities for visitors to converse with experts, play with new technologies, and understand both everyday and unusual expressions of genetic science.

  • Weekend Events

    This series of weekend events presented in conjunction with Diving Into the Gene Pool explores some of the concepts underlying modern genetic technologies by comparing them to more established grassroots genetic engineering of plant and animal breeding.

  • Lecture and Discussion Series

    The Exploratorium presents a series of lectures and discussions on Bioethics and the Human Genome Project

  • Arts Programs


Pointers to more genetics on the Internet


Diving Into the Gene Pool is made possible in part by the generous support of:

U.S. Department of Energy
Applied Biosystems, Inc., A Division of Perkin-Elmer
Genentech Foundation for Biomedical Sciences
California Council for the Arts
Grants for the Arts, San Francisco Hotel Tax Fund
James L. Newman
T.B. Walker Foundation
Ruby M. Sisson Trust
Silicon Graphics, Inc .
Hewlett-Packard Company .

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