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Deep, focused listening can open up a whole new world.
It takes practice to learn to listen to your sonic environment. These activities can suggest new ways of listening—and give you a sense of how others hear the world. You can play with all of these activities from your home computer.

Can you distinguish between these different birdcalls?
Try listening to tell the difference between songs and alarm calls of different species.

Audio Pong
Close your eyes and listen to tell where the paddle is when you play this all-listening version of the classic game Pong.

Listening Memory Game
This series of memory concentration games lets you listen closely to a variety of sounds.

Build a Soundscape
How do different sounds combine to make the unique audio environments of specific places? Build the soundscapes of a beach and a train station.

Sound Puzzles
See if you can put these sounds back together in this sonic jigsaw puzzle.

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