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The Exploratorium Guide to Scale and Structure

The Exploratorium Guide to Scale and Structure : Activities for the Elementary Classroom

More than 30 teacher-developed and teacher-tested activities. Covers the physics and engineering of structure, the mathematics of scale, and the effect of scale on structure. Includes construction of newspaper towers.

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The Math Explorer Magazine  

The Math Explorer Magazine

These activities are from "The Math Explorer: Hands On Math Activities for Middle School Youth Groups" book scheduled for publication from Key Curriculum Press in March 2002. Developed with support from NSF grant #ESI-9902047.

Copyright © 2001 Exploratorium

The Magazine in available now for purchase through the Exploratorium Store .

upcoming publication   Math and Science Across Cultures

Activities are based on traditions of many cultures, including sand drawings from Africa, Madagascar Solitaire, Incan math, Mayan math, and Egyptian math.

Scheduled for publication by The New Press in Fall 2002.

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Structures Around the World

Learn about scale and structure with eight great activites designed for the elementary classroom from our book The Exploratorium Guide to Scale and Structure.
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