Playing Games With Memory




Memory Party Game

With the help of a grown-up or a few friends, you can test your memory and compare it to your friends' memories.

What do I need?

  • One person to be Game Master
  • A few friends (This is a good game to try with a lot of people -- or you can try it with one other friend)
  • 20 different unrelated objects -- like a pair of scissors, a can of beans, a hair brush, a pencil, and so on
  • A big towel that can cover the objects
  • A clock or watch with a second hand
  • A piece of paper and a pencil for each player

What do I do?

First, have the Game Master gather 20 different objects. If you're having a party, you can ask each person whop's coming to bring something for the game. If you're playing with your family, each person could gather a few objects. These should be things that are not related to each other. The Game Master might want to get some things from the kitchen -- like a can opener and a potato masher -- and some from the bedroom -- like a left shoe and a bow tie.

All the players close their eyes while the game master puts all the objects out on the table or floor and covers them with the towel.

All the players open their eyes. The Game Master picks up the towel and everyone has two minutes to memorize all the items.

After two minutes, the Game Master covers the objects with the towel, and each player writes down all the objects he or she can remember.

Then the Game Master uncovers the objects and everyone can find out how they did. How many of the 20 things did you remember? How did your friends do?


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