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Human Brain

Interactive brain atlas Lots of brain slices to view. Takes a while for the Java applet to load. Have patience, and try the "update" button after moving the scrollbars.

Digital Anatomist Interactive Atlases "2-D and 3-D views of the brain from cadaver sections, MRI scans, and computer reconstructions." Lots of clear, colorful, labelled images of the brain. Use the "Search Atlases" with the subject "brain" to get a list of images.

The NPAC Visible Human Viewer Any way you slice it, the brain (as well as the rest of the human body) is fascinating. "This Java applet allows you to select and view high-resolution images of 2-dimensional slices of a human body, using image data taken from the National Library of Medicine's Visible Human Project. "

The Human Brain Project "The Human Brain Project is a broad-based long-term research initiative which supports research and development of advanced technologies to open information superhighways to neuroscientists and behavioral scientists by providing an array of information tools for the 21st Century." Lots of links to studies and images.

Memory and Computers

Is human memory similar to to the ram in a pc? Discussion by Michael Freed, Aerospace Human Factors, NASA Ames Research Center.

Various articles, some comparing the brain to a computer. "Welcome to AmoebaWeb, the Mental Health Net award-winning site of psychology resources on the Web! "

A Computational Theory of Working Memory "Detailed modeling of the memory ramifications of a human-machine system may be useful in the prediction of performance in terms of both fluency of use and in the prediction of errors." An academic paper.

Collective Memory

"We are only what we remember" "In this feature, we honour the people who experienced the World Wars, both abroad and at home. We want to learn from them, and to answer the question "Why remember?"

AIDS Memorial Quilt - The Names Project The world remembers friends killed by the AIDS epidemic.

"Private Art: World War II Letters To and From Home" Beautiful and extensive site chronicles the war experiences of Pvt. Arthur Pranger and members of his US Army battalion.

The Library of Congress: American Memory Historical Collections for the National Digital Library. Many fine historical photographs.

City of the Silent, a page devoted to understanding and appreciating cemeteries. "They were our friends, our families, our heroes. Now, in the crumbled earth, they are our memories, remaining in this world if not visible to it."

The Vietnam Veterans Memorial

Jerry Garcia Memorial Web Page

Remembering: how and why

The Art of Memory "Curiously, the use of memory systems did not become immediately obsolete with the invention of printing, but instead became elaborated into yet another form as a complex, Neoplatonic magic which would have a far reaching, though somewhat obscured, influence."

How to play piano music from memory This is the hypertext version of the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) article for on playing piano from memory.

Chess grandmasters and memory. Scroll down to "Memory: the touchstone of talent?"

Mnemonic Devices "Mnemonic devices are used for remembering information that is to be memorized, but not necessarily understood." Here are a few of them.

Memory Strategies Mostly for students.

Forgetting: how and why

Overcoming writer's block One writer's advice.

Alzheimer's disease Symptoms, effects, causes, support.

Amnesia A brief lecture on the subject.

Memory and Amnesia Lecture.

Recurrent amnesia during sex "Sudden bouts of amnesia during periods of physical and emotional stress, including sex, are not that uncommon . . . "


Repressed Memory/Recalled Memory/False Memory

Recovered Memories of Sexual Abuse: Scientific Research & Scholarly Resources "I have published this page to direct people to quality scholarly work on traumatic memory." By Jim Hopper, Ph.D.

Repressed Memories The perspective of Dr. Elizabeth F. Loftus. See also Elizabeth Loftus Challenges Our Total Recall

The False Memory Syndrome Foundation "To aid the victims, both primary and secondary, of False Memory Syndrome."

Memory Games on the Web

Five Cognitive Pysychology Games From the NASA Cognition Lab, five interactive demonstrations that show how memory works.

Rainfrog's Concentration

Remembering What Wasn't


Memory Lane

Memory games to play with your children

Self-Quiz on the Subject of Memory

Memory and the Law

How the Stages of Memory Can Affect Justice An article by Professor Roger L. Terry. "Certainly forgetting happens over time, but many people are surprised at how rapid and pervasive the decay process is."

UNITED STATES OF AMERICA versus DAVID KWONG "In a surprising about-face, however, Williams testified at the retrial that he now had experienced a "glimmer of recognition" on seeing Kwong again, and he identified him as the man who mailed the package to Catherine Palmer five years earlier."

Eyewitness Identification Procedures "There is increasing evidence that false eyewitness identification is the primary cause of the conviction of innocent people."

Children's Testimony "Public and professional opinion about the credibility of children as witnesses in sexual abuse cases has been sharply divided."


Total Recall Movie review: When memory implants fail . . .

Dark City Movie review: "Pale, bald, bony aliens in cloaks and top hats (‘the Strangers’) rise periodically from the netherworld to mess with the architecture (buildings spectacularly morph and mushroom) and carry out their memory-transplant research."



The value of nostalgia   "In this essay, I will reevaluate nostalgia as a form of cultural transmission that can shift in its political and historical purposes"

Digital Nostalgia "My earliest childhood memories include computer games: Breakout and Space Invaders. Then, later, ABM, Autoduel, Wasteland...the list is endless.  I created this site as a sort of high-tech memory lane; a moment of digital nostalgia. Help yourself, and enjoy."

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