The Nobel Prize: 100 Years of Creativity
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U.S. West Coast Premiere
The Nobel Prize: 100 Years of Creativity
July 14 through October 2, 2005
Free with museum admission

Explore the history and significance of the Nobel Prize.

This 5000-square-foot exhibition provides an historic overview of the Nobel Prize and its founder, Alfred Nobel. Learn about well-known Nobel Prizes in the context of historic events, reflect on Nobel Prize controversies, and follow the nomination process.

The exhibition is packed with multimedia, still and moving images of Nobel laureates, and personal tools of Prizewinners. The exhibition includes two theatres; one focused on individual laureates and their creative work and the other examining creatively fertile 20th century environments.

Accompanying the exhibition are three months of special events and programs featuring Nobel laureates at the Exploratorium and throughout the Bay Area.
Cultures of Creativity Book Cover
Find the book Cultures of Creativity and other companion items to the new exhibit, Nobel Prize: 100 Years of Creativity.

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