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On Thanksgiving Day 2001 , we sent Mary, Noel, Paul, and Julie to explore the scientific wonders of the Last Continent. They reported back to us live each day, from locations around Antarctica.

Explore this website to discover live Webcasts, stories, features, and notes from the field about scientific life in Antarctica.

You'll find links to all our live events and field notes in our event archive .

Webcast archive:
Dec. 9 - We're joined by a live Antarctic penguin in our Webcast studio. See it .
Dec. 22 - Tunneling under the ice at the South Pole. See it .

Field Notes:
Jan. 10
- Glaciers in the Desert . Paul fulfills longtime Antarctic dreams.
Dec. 31 - Five Senses on Erebus . Noel shows how scientists use all their senses to explore the volcano.
Dec. 18 - Finally. some real weather . Mary takes us through an Antarctic blizzard.

Web Features :
Ice Gallery - Explore the many kinds of ice in Antarctica
Gondwanaland - See how Antarctica tells the story of continental drift.
Features require the Flash 5 plug-in .
Making the most of the environment
What we can learn from The Ice

Tales of exploration
on the last continent


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