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Person at Work Half of the world's particle physicists - about 6500 people - do research at CERN. They come from over 500 universities in 80 countries.

CERN's staff also includes highly specialized engineers, technicians, designers and craftspeople. All told, about 3000 people are employed to prepare, run, analyze and interpret the complex scientific experiments that make CERN a successful scientific organization.

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Alvaro de Rujula , Spain, theoretical physicist (photo: CERN)

"The most interesting problem about the cosmos, about the universe is -- what is there in those pieces of universe where there is nothing?"

John Eades , England, principal investigator on the ASACUSA experiment .

"One of the things we would like to that there could be a mirror world...made of antimatter, which would work in exactly the same way as the world we live in."

John Estrada John Estrada , United States, student from Harvard working on the ATRAP experiment

"I don't feel there's any difference in doing experiment(s) with a collaboration of international scientists...In the end, scientists always work on the same principles and it's applicable anywhere."

Jerry Gabrielse , United States, principal investigator on the ATRAP experiment .

"When you eventually ... understand something that no one's understood before, there's a huge kick that goes with that."


Masaki Hori Masaki Hori , Japan, research physicist working on the ASACUSA experiment.

"My current interest understand how these small particles fit into the real world....We're made of particles, but it's not certain how these small particles come to be us."

Rolf Landua Rolf Landua , Switzerland, principal investigator and spokesperson for the ATHENA experiment

"The basic question is why do we exist, and how could that happen....That's my motivation."


Petra Reidler Petra Riedler , Switzerland, research physicist on the ATHENA experiment.

"I think CERN is a great place for women....Since I arrived here, I've seen so much encouragement and people helping me... "

Georg Schepers Georg Schepers , Germany, postdoctoral research physicist on the ATRAP experiment.

"Physics is fun, as all science, and I thank you that you help us to share this fun with people all over the world and outside physics...bring them closer to it and us closer to them."

Terri Louise Watson Terri Louise Watson , Wales, Ph.D. student from University of Swansie, working on the ATHENA experiment.

"The most interesting thing about being here is being involved with so many people from all over the world."

Peter Yesley , United States, graduate research physicist on the ATRAP experiment.

"Our radioactive source...has a lifetime of 2.2 years. That's a long time for a positron emitter..and it cost $80,000...every 2.2 years it loses half its value."


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