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Aeolian Landscape by Ned Kahn
    A landscape of swirling "sandscapes"
  Point of Criticality by Juanita Miller
    A complex balancing act of seeds
Blue Whirlpool by Ned Kahn
    A vortex of glowing blue water
  Rift Zone by Ned Kahn
    Air percolates through glass beads to create geological-like formations
Chaotic Pendula by Ned Kahn
    A display of erratic-moving pendulums
  Salt Piece by Jörg Lenzlinger
    Salts mixed in water creep up paper tubes, and seep down strings
Circling Wave Umbrella by Ned Kahn
    A spinning skirt of red fabric
  Single Drop by Michael Brown
    A single drop of water can create beautiful shadows
Convection Cells by Ned Kahn
    Pearlescent fluid is organized into fingerprint-like patterns
  Spring Box by Shawn Lani
    Water bursts forth from a sandy bottom
Fluttering by Ned Kahn
    A spinning disc of fabric undulates in complex ways
  Tale of Two Slimes by Gail Wight
    Look close-up at the intricacies of a slime mold
Fluvial Storm by Ned Kahn
    A spinning orb creates rippled sand dunes under water
  Tectonic Basin by Ned Kahn
    Vibrating garnet sand creates mountains that rise and fall
Fountain of Instability by Ned Kahn
    Water flow controls the actions of a flexible hose
  Tornado by Ned Kahn
    Step up and touch a six foot tornado
Friendship Acrobatic Troupe by Carl Cheng
    Water bubbles and rings make intricate patterns
  Turbulent Orb by Ned Kahn
   Follow lines of turbulent motion in this spinning orb
Infalling Cloud by Ned Kahn
   Look at the inside of a swirling tornado
  Video Feedback by Skip Sweeney
    Patterns emerge as a camera focuses on its own monitor
Magnetic Field Stone by Ned Kahn
    A powerful magnet rotates inside a giant stone

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