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Mountains from Space

By Ronna Voorsanger

Remote sensing

Type of Web activity:
Web quiz

Materials / Software needed:
Computer and Web browser

Grade Level:

Time involved:
One class period

Created on:
August 6, 1999

November 2003

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The fun begins: Look at the pictures taken by satellites of four famous mountains. Your job is to match the images with the mountains' names.

Warning: False color keys are different for each picture.  

Mt Godwin Austin aka K2

Mt St. Helens

Mt Kilimanjaro

Canandian Rocky Mountains


Your choices: Mt. Kilimanjaro, Canadian Rocky Mountains, Mt. St. Helens, or Mt. Godwin Austen-K2


MT. KILIMANJARO - Snow is turquoise blue. Bare ground is tomato red. Vegetation is slime green.

MT. ST. HELENS - Area destroyed by volcanic explosion is thunder blue. Forested areas are blood red.

MT. GODWIN AUSTEN-K2 - Vegetation is dried blood red . Glaciers are snake green! Clouds are white.

CANADIAN ROCKY MOUNTAINS - Fog in valleys between the peaks of the mountains is smog brown . Snow on the mountain peaks is white. Vegetation along the sides of the mountains is dead leaf brown .



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