Science Fair Project Ideas

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Physical Science Ideas

Physical Science projects for the science fair include: chemisty, electricity, magnetism, heat, light, color, friction, force etc. Take a look at some of the ideas on the Physical Science Project Ideas Link .




Mathematics and Computer Science Ideas

Check here and with your math teacher to get ideas on projects with Fibonacci numbers, probability, statistics, magic squares. For computers, take a look at this link for project ideas.

Behavioral Science Ideas

Projects in this category explore human behavior -- why people act the way they do, how they think, effects of various influences on how people act and think, gender and age differences in perception etc. Take a look at the listing of projects from the Illinois Junior Academy of Sciences for some projects titles to give you some ideas.

Biological Science Ideas

Biological Science projects for the science fair include: bacteria, plants, animal behavior,etc. Take a look at some of the ideas on the Biological Science Project Ideas Link




Remember #1: The important thing in a science project is you thinking your way through a project.

You can make things to use in your project, like a seismograph, but the thing you make must be used to help solve your science problem.

Just making the seismograph is not enough -- what you are trying to answer by using it is the important thing.

Remember #2: Be careful about doing the "can I make a _____" kind of project.

Those are usually not really experimental science projects. If you are asking: "can I make a better _______ by changing____________", then you have a project.

If you want a review of the ScientificMethod and a look at a sample project, click here .


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