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Science Fair Projects

By Peg Dabel

Science Fair Projects

Type of Web activity:
Using data from the web

Materials / Software needed:
Internet access

Grade Level:
Middle School (grades 6 - 9)

Time involved:
3 months

Created on:
August 5, 1999

November 2003

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Welcome to the Science Fair Ideas and Links page

(Mostly for Middle School) 

Why would you want to do a Science Project?

Science Projects are fun to do --- and, if your project is chosen to go on to County, Regional or State competition, you could win prizes, certificates, and other recognition.

Science projects help you to understand what is called the "Scientific Method." The Scienctific Method can be used to solve lots of problems. When you use the Scientific Method, you decide what you want to find out, plan a way to find it out, do what you decided to do in your plan, and see what you discover.

Where can you get ideas for your project?

Check out some of these Web sites:

Exploratorium Learning Studio Science Fair Guide


Science Fair Project Resource Guide

Science Fair Resources on the Internet

San Francisco Bay Area Science Fair

California State Science Fair

Specific Project Ideas

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