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Language Issue
Volume 23, Number 2

Learn how new materials, new methods and new ideas are transforming traditional origami. Watch videos of a master origami folder create his unique pieces. Learn how to make your own paper and how to fold your own paper airplanes.
Language Issue
Volume 23, Number 1

Where do languages come from? Learn about the origins and development of language. Hear from linguist Merrit Ruhlen how language is studied and classified. Examine words from different languages to learn how they are related.
Space Issue
Volume 22, Number 3

Learn about asteroids and what they can tell us about our solar system. Find out exactly what a "shooting star" is, and learn more about the early history of the earth.
Chocolate Issue
Volume 23, Online Only Edition

Explore the science and history of chocolate from its source in the Amazon rain forest to a video tour through a chocolate factory.
Hair Issue
Volume 22, Number 2

Having a bad hair day? A little chemistry can help straighten out unruly locks and crazy curls.
Memories Issue
Volume 22, Number 1

Take a look at what a group of seniors is doing to keep their minds agile and their ability to remember alive.
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From 1977 until 2003, the Exploratorium published a quarterly magazine. The Exploratorium Magazine Online is a companion to selected issues of the print magazine , providing key articles and activities and including multimedia features.



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