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Geodesic Gumdrops
Geodesic Gumdrops
Go With the Flow!
Go With the Flow!
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Get Messy, Get Airborne, Get Loud, Get Shocked! Try These Activities.

Blowing, Bouncing,
Bursting Bubbles

Bubble Bomb - Using baking soda and vinegar, you can pop a plastic bag with the power of fizz.

Balloon Blow-Up -Not all bubbles are made with soap!

Bubbularium - Make an observatory to see the amazing colors in bubbles!

It's All Done With Mirrors
Up Periscope! - Build a mirrored tube that lets you see around corners and over walls.

Mysterious Mixtures
Outrageous Ooze - This stuff can't make up its mind -- is it a liquid or a solid?

Go With the Flow - Spin the bottle to make beautiful swirling shapes!

It's Colorific!
Black Magic - Discover secret colors hidden in a black marker!

Reflecting Rainbows - Decorate your white walls with rainbow colors!

Surprising Structures
File Card Bridges - How many pennies will your bridge hold?

Geodesic Gumdrops - Make amazing architecture with gumdrops and toothpicks.

Dramatic Static
Super Sparker - Make very, very, very tiny lightning, anytime you want!

Remote Control Roller - Rub a balloon on your head, then watch a soda can race across the floor!

Seeing the Light
Pringles® Pinhole - Recycle a potato chip can into a simple camera.

Pictures From Light - With a lens, you can bend light to make pictures of the world.

Making a Sun Clock - Before there were clocks, people used shadows to tell time!

Taking Things Apart
Dissect a Disk - Find out what's inside a floppy disk.

Sink Or Swim
Salt Volcano - Make your own miniature "Lava Lite"

Glitter Globe - Make a fantastic toy that shimmers when you shake it.

The Amazing Water Trick - Do hot water and cold water mix?

Seeing Isn't Believing
Flipsticks - A do-it-yourself cartoon kit. It's easy to make pictures move!

Hear, Hear!
Ear Guitar - Share some scecret sounds with a friend.

Secret Bells - An ordinary metal spoon can make some astounding sounds!

CANdemonium - Recycle some cans to make after-dinner music!

Rings, Wings, and
Other Flying Things

Roto-Copter - This simple paper toy spins through the air like a mini-helicopter!

Spinning Blimps - Become an aircraft designer!

Hoopster - Most paper airplanes are flat, but these paper hoops can really fly!

What Do You Say?
I M O K. U R O K . - You can make sentences without words!

Making Changes
Crystal Creations - Grow spikes of crystals in the sun.

Mold Terrarium - Watch tiny blue, green, and white plants grow on leftover food.

Copper Caper - Watch old pennies turn bright and shiny right before your eyes!

Family Experiments from the World's Favorite Hands-On Science Museum

Published by Owl Books,
Henry Holt & Company, New York,
1996 & 1997

ISBN 0-B050-4536 & ISBN 0-8050-4537-6

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