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Relying on Renewables
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More information about renewable energy

Links to organizations that offer instruction and courses on building your own renewable generators, as well as specs, where to buy materials, and updates on governmental policies and initiatives.
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The Energy Information Agency of the U.S. government
has a list of links to publications about renewable energy sources, ranging from maps showing resources and consumption to the agency's annual report on the nation's use of renewables.

The U.S. Department of Energy's Efficiency and Renewable Energy Network
A wealth of information about solar, hydro, wind and other alternative technologies, plus links to papers on efficiency in buildings, transportation, utilities and other public works.

The International Energy Agency
The IEA fosters cooperation among participating countries to reduce oil dependency through energy conservation, development of alternative energy sources and energy development research.

The American Wind Energy Association
Information on where and how wind power is being implemented around the U.S., and fact sheets for users of wind energy.

Solar Energy International
Offers courses (online and in-person) in constructing solar-powered systems, as well as annual workshops on solar power that draws in attendees from around the world.

The World Bank's Energy Sector
Links to descriptions of the World Bank's alternative energy programs, discussions of the dynamics of energy economics, and a slew of research papers.



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