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By clicking the links below, you will find a variety of on-line "Web Lessons." "Web Lessons" are activities intended to help science teachers integrate the Web into their science curriculum. Since a "Web Lessons" may use dynamic content or require communication via the Internet, "Web Lessons" are best done during an active Internet session.


Bridge Out!

Use a chatroom to solve an engineering problem.

Eric Muller

The Chemistry of Asprin

Search the Web for a headache cure.

Robert McClard

Color Mixing Lab and Activities

Links to hands-on activities about color mixing.

Marti Andreski and Carol Wawrukiewicz

Fog in San Francisco!

Can you make a lesson about fog?

Eric Muller

Polymer and Hydrogen Bonds

Forming and isolating large molecules.

David Lauter

Locating Earthquake Epicenters!

Map the plate boundaries of our planet by using the web.

Eric Muller

Mountains from Space

Satellite image game.

Ronna Voorsanger

Science Fair Projects

Web links for science projects

Peg Dabel

Where Am I?

Introduction to map skills and links.

Clem Wings

The Web Science Workshop lessons were created in cooperation with the Exploratorium Teacher Institute .

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