The Accidental Scientist: Science of Cooking
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If we were to have a byline that captures our spirit, and that of many inquisitive cooks, it would read, "Aha . . . so that's how it works!"

Our interest in food likely began as children, raised in the Okanagan Valley of British Columbia, where we had wonderful access to tree-ripened fruit and exquisite home-grown vegetables. Yet somehow, as time went by and we attended university and pursued degrees in Home Economics (in different fields) and then Education, working with food retained its fascination.

The evolution of The Inquisitive Cook seemed to be a logical ''next step" as we discovered that most people don't think about cooking from the perspective of science. There's no doubt that understanding more about how cooking works, and the logic of techniques, makes you a better cook.

We've found that teaching about culinary science seems to intrigue all ages—from small children to university students to adults. And writing in newspapers, magazines, and a second book now in progress has garnered a large audience of readers. For us, even after almost two decades of solving food mysteries, there's always another question around the corner.

Between us, our families include husbands, six children, and pets - a Shih Tzu and a golden retriever. All, including the dogs, enjoy great food!

Be sure to visit Ask the Inquisitive Cooks , where you can see Anne & Sue's weekly answers to kitchen science conundrums, and their monthly feature article .

Anne Gardiner & Sue Wilson are the authors, with the Exploratorium, of the book The Inquisitive Cook.


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