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  Bread is the most basic of foods, but it’s also one of the most complex. Each time you bake bread, you choreograph a complex dance between flour, water, and a leavener. How do these elements interact to give us the loaves, rolls, and flatbreads we love? Find out more. . .    
Take a microscopic tour of the staff of life.

Explore gluten
, the substance that gives bread its structure.
Explore Gluten

Did You Know?

  Kitchen Lab
Gluten Balls Put science to work with these tasty recipes and exciting activities !
  Bread Science 101
Bread Science 101 : What’s really going on when you bake? Find out.  

Crusty Science
Join the live webcast as we crunch our way through everything from our San Francisco sourdough to Injera and Pugliese.

Share & Discuss
Did people first domesticate grain for bread or for beer? Join the discussion!

  Breads of the World
Bread: A Global Staff of Life : Tour the breads of the world.
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