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NEW! Mix-n-Match - You can mix just three colors of light to make over 16 million different colors! Requires Shockwave.

Depth Spinner - Does it feel like the walls are closing in? Requires Shockwave.


Changing Illusions - Tease your brain with five interactive illusions. You won't believe your eyes. Requires Shockwave.

CLASSIC! Fading Dot - If you stare at this dot, for few moments it disappears.


Cafe Wall Illusion - Interact with the Cafe Wall Illusion. Requires Shockwave.

Postcard Exhibits - Four exhibits small enough to fit on postcards.

Sliding Gray Step - Is it light gray or dark gray ? It depends on the surroundings. Requires Shockwave.

Shimmer - Your eye movements make this design seem to shimmer.
  Trapezoidal Window - Sometimes things are not as they appear. Requires QuickTime VR. Bird in a Cage - Getting used to seeing one color can lead to perceiving an entirely different color.
  Squirming Palm - Can you make your palm squirm? Requires Shockwave. Mona - Leonardo's famous model is used in an interesting perceptual experiment.
  The Temple Illusion - This ancient temple holds a secret...can you reveal the mystery?  
  Picture This - Learn how Hubble Telescope scientists put together those lovely pictures. Scientific Slugger - See what makes a Home Run. Requires Shockwave.
  Interference Exhibits - Created by students from the Center for Electronic Arts for the Exploratorium. Bronx Cheer Bulb - Your CRT screen may appear to wiggle when you give it the raspberry, but the only thing wiggling is you.

Build a Solar System - Find out what space is really like with this scale model.

Your Weight on Other Worlds - A cool exhibit for the traveler who is weight conscious.
  Your Age on Other Worlds - An exhibit for the chronologically challenged traveler.  
  If You're Going to Rob a Bank, Wear a Wig - Just how do we remember a face? Droodles - What's a droodle, its a riddle and a doodle all rolled up in one. Requires Shockwave.
  Don't Forget! - Activities to help you test and improve your memory. Common Cents - Can you recognize an ordinary penny? It may be tougher than you think!

FastBall Reaction Time - Can you hit a 90 m.p.h fastball? Requires Shockwave.

Mutant Fruit Flies - Learn about a few of the mutations that occur in fruit fly populations.

NEW! Frog Tracker - Listen to different frog calls and make a frog chorus. Requires Shockwave.

Which embryo is human? - Can you tell the difference between a chicken and a human?
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  Disappearing Act - An animal that blends in with its environment is much easier to see when it's moving than when it's still. Requires Shockwave.  
  Can You Find the Highest Note? - Three auditory illusions created by students from the Center for Electronic Art. Requires Shockwave.

Ladle Rat Rotten Hut - Listen to the story of Ladle Rat Rotten Hut. Requires Real Audio.

  Vocal Vowels - Hollow plastic models of the human vocal tract turn the squawk of a duck call into vowel sounds.  

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